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Chrony Data for 327 Fed and 32 H&R Mag

Finally made it to the shooting range! Windy and hot but nice.

So here is some Chrony data from various loadings in 32 caliber, all shot from a Ruger SP101 with 3 1/16"barrel. The chrony was set 12 feet from the bench.

Factory Ammo
Fed 85 gr. Reduced Recoil: 1401 - 1424 fps Very consistent.

Speer Gold Dot 115 gr: 1361 - 1438 fps

Hand Load
100 gr. XTP over 12.2 gr H110 with Rem 7 1/2 primer: 1129 - 1282 fps

100 gr. XTP over 12.7 gr H110 Rem 7 1/2 primer: 1280 - 1352 fps

Also shot some 32 H&R Mag rounds.

Factory Ammo
Fed Premium Self Defense 85 gr: 956 - 1056 fps

Hand Load
85 gr XTP over 4.5 gr. Unique and Rem 1 1/2: 1008 - 1054 fps (Most accurate round for me today)

100 gr. XTP over 10.5 gr Lil Gun and Rem 1 1/2: 1085 - 1159 fps (This round was second most accurate)

Fun day. The little Ruger is fun to shoot, and the recoil is minimal. The 32 Fed Mag rounds bark fairly loud, but compared to 44 mag or 357 it is pretty quiet. I can see lots of this in the future.

I shot some other loads, but damned if I didn't hit one of the shade rods shooting offhand with my model 60. Looked for a few minutes in the weeds and grass but couldn't find the one rod. Didn't tear up the chorny but without the shade it quit registering velocity, so things weren't as interesting.
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