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One is a .38 special model 14-3 with a 6" barrel #3K46XXX. The next is a .44 magnum, model 29-3 also 6" barrel #AZ68XXX, and the last is a .9MM model 659 #TAA9XXX
Without knowing the condition I can only give an approximate range of value.
3K46XXX = 1972. $350 to $450.
AZ?8XXX = 1988. $500 to $650.
TAA9XXX = 1984. $300 to $400.

Mod 48-4 Ser# 5k915xx

the serial number is 1964XX
The book does not narrow it down any further. You would have to contact S&W and likely pay for a history letter to get an exact date.

EDIT: After doing some research I found that the serial number cross point for pre 1899 for your model gun is 209301 so it is a pre 1899.

SN: 118281. Its a 5 shot revolver, best guess is a .32 but not sure
Since S&W reused the same serial numbers on different models of guns, I need to know the caliber to determine what model it is. If it is a S&W then the caliber should be marked on the side of the barrel.
Also, is it a modern swing out cylinder or an older break top (barrel and cylinder pivot down).


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