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30 thugs to 1 man? Teenagers or not, that is a grim outlook. Assuming I have my EDC, I have 16 in the gun and 30 in two spare magazines. That doesn't mean much when there are 60 fists and 60 boots to deal with. If they overwhelm you and they will, and take the gun, expect that the adrenaline in the mob will result in you being shot, kicked, stomped and pummeled, possibly to death - correction, probably to death.

Mobs take on a behavior entirely their own and typically that behavior escalates continually, matching your response and going up from there with a greater response. In the State of Florida I would have no duty to retreat in a situation like that but by all sane accounts it is the correct choice of action. I would not confront a crowd like this. Even the police will not do this without a dozen or more men armed and armored with riot gear.

My number one goal when facing off with a mob would to not be facing off with them at all and getting myself, and my family, as far away as humanely possible and shooting through, pushing through, driving over or whatever other means is required to accomplish this.
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