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Sierra no longer has a production date for the 90 gr JHCs.
In the words of the kind person I spoke with, "You're looking at at least a year, before they might make it on the production schedule."

After I expressed my disappointment with that, I was given the email address for the Vice President of Sales and Marketing - Matt Reams. If you want to send your opinion/complaint/feedback to him, simply put his first name in front of

Perhaps, if we get enough people explaining to him that most merchants won't let us back order these bullets, he may do something about getting them into production sooner. As it is, I see the problem as Sierra thinking there is very little demand for the bullet, based on existing orders. Yet, many of those existing orders are weighted by merchants, based on back orders. ...And if you can't back order, they don't think there's much demand. It's a vicious, self-defeating cycle.
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