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It sounds to me economy in shooting your rifle is your goal, casting your own bullets is the cheapest, but just like reloading there are some basic procedures to follow, and start up expenditures.
Lyman has a very good Cast bullet manual that covers the procedures and provides cast loads.
But if you have no interest in becoming a bullet caster, I would suggest you check into plated bullets, you would be limited in bullet selection price would be 1/3 the price of Jacketed bullets.And you would not need to get into all the extra steps of casting. In casting fit is the major concern, however, Alloy, Bullet lube, powder, and even your rifle plays a part in shooting an accurate cast Bullet. Also if planing on shooting cast rifle bullets you will need a neck expander die, I like the Lyman M-Die for this, others use the Lee universal expander, my personnel belief is the Lee Die is prone to Bullet run out.
Good luck with which ever you decide on.
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