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Backup gun...

How many of you have a backup gun which is the same make, model and carry setup as your primary gun? By primary gun I mean the gun you have trained with, not the gun you shoot every six months at the range for 30 minutes.

For example, I own several pistols but the one I have trained with and will go to when needed is my Glock 20. I have thought about duplicating the setup I have for that gun as a backup. While my other pistols could "get the job done" so to speak, I am certainly not as familiar with them as with the Glock and have not trained with them per say, just fired them at the range occasionally - not to the point I would very be proficient with them as I am with the Glock. So the reasoning is, the gun I am good with, clone it.

Most of the skills transfer to other autoloaders reasonably well but things like grip, draw, trigger press, trigger reset, load and unload, etc. I have all of these "down" on the Glock. They are similar on other pistols but not the same.

I only keep two guns out of the safe day to day, my Mossberg 590 Mariner and the Glock 20. I guess you could say my other guns are "toys", I hate to use the term but I haven't trained with them, though I know how they operate. Perhaps calling them luxuries is a better definition, but I don't have thousands upon thousands of rounds through them with specific training like I do with the Glock and the Mossberg which is why they just stay locked up.


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