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My friend tacojohn was mugged by a gang of 14-16 year olds in pine hills. He was told by the police that he was wise not to fight back or he would have been charged with assault on a minor.
I bet even if he did fight back and beat the tar out of those kids and he went to court, the jury would be on his side.

It just seems as I get older that the youth of the world gets more and more violent. I'm only 31 but when I was that age the only stupid criminal stuff I did was steal lawn ornaments, tip over port-a-potties and vandalize. The only violence in my school was a fist fight every once in a while. Nowadays I here about kids killing kids every day on the news. The last time I was robbed was by a young 16-18 year old and he pointed a gun at my face. That's when I decided to get my CCW and a gun... or 3.
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