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You want to try and make a bird dog out of a Rotti/Shepard mix? I've seen a lot of dogs do some amazing things out hunting but I've never seen that type animal hunt birds, the instincts are not normally there.

I had a good friend, more like a grandfather, that had a Blue Heeler that retrieved his doves, ran his deer, herded his cattle and anything else he could ask of it. When he passed, the dog went missing. They found him laying at the headstone of his grave, brought him home and he went straight back to the grave. Over time when the dog was missing, they'd just go right to the cemetary and there they'd find the dog. Loyalty is something that dogs can teach a lot of people in a world of selfishness.

Anything is possible though. I saw a Dalmation that was a heck of a retriever. I've sold a bred many a GSP that put most labs and Chessies to shame in a duck blind too.
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