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I really think its sad that more people are not familiar with firearms and abhor them. They are afraid of something they dont understand because most anti gunners have no clue about what firearms are. Everyone has the right to defend themselves if they feel there life or the life of loved ones is in danger. People should stop being so afraid and realize that honest citizens carrying can stop crimes. Also BG's knowing the population were familiar with firearms would be a deterrent. I know this is a bit of a dream but I think it would truly help the country. Thats just my opinion. Oh and by the way im packing my S&W 3913NL IWB with three mags on me so thats 25 rounds of 9mm in case it is a NECESSITY to use it. I have a nice variety of loads that feed great and will fit most situations. 1mag- 124gr. Gold Dots (In Gun), 1mag- 147gr. Golden Sabers, 1mag- 124gr. NATO +P FMJ for penetration. I feel pretty
safe anywhere .
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