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Real life Presidents, though, I don't think they could pull it off.
If I had my way, Han Solo would be the real President. He always shoots first.

I'd love to see a President say, "Hey, this is ridiculous, as a resident of the District of Columbia, even I am not allowed to carry a gun under the current laws! What about all the people who don't have the kind of protection I get? Why is their right to defend themselves being denied?"
Vanya, I think you're right on that point. The idea of the President penning an executive order so that he can carry (while other DC residents cannot) brings to mind Dick Mell's shenanigans in Chicago a few years back, and the whole thing would smack of elitism.

However, having a President bring the issue forth in the public arena the way you've described? That would be incredible, to see the fight being waged from the top down.
Sometimes it’s nice not to destroy the world for a change.
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