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Originally Posted by MLeake
Aguila Blanca, unless you know something I don't (which is always possible), he would have no problem at all in GA or the Carolinas, in all of which vehicle carry is legal, let alone RV.
You may be correct. I am not a lawyer and I make no claims to know anything about the gun laws of the 50 states. I'm still learning about previously-unknown nuances to the laws right here in my home state.

What I do remember is, when I drove to the last SHOT Show in Orlando (three years ago?), I was okay in VA and NC, but I had to disarm and unload to transit SC. I thought I had to remain disarmed through GA as well, then once I hot FL I was once again good to go.

My point wasn't to cite specific laws so much as to emphasize that (a) the FOPA will not apply if the OP is making sightseeing stops in each state, and (b) he will NOT find the one-size-fits-all blessing he's hoping for. It doesn't exist. Each state's laws are different, and for a trip such as he is contemplating, it's a legal minefield.
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