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NEF 12 Ga 18.5" Pump

I finally took my NEF 12 G pump to the range just to make sure it operated o.k. It had been sitting in Gun cabinet for several months unused/unfired.

I fired 3 kind of shells: 1. #6 game load 2. #4 game load
3. OOBuck .Observations: At about 15 feet the #6 shell shredded a bulls-eye target with a pattern about 10" wide. The #4 was similar and did a lot of damage. The 00 Buck blasted about a 3"-4" hole in target each time. The pellets entered in a practically solid mass.

After this session, I'm thinking of keeping the #4 in the 5 shell elastic carrier on the stock of the shotgun that I store unloaded. If I was in a high stress home defense mode, I might not get the gun directly on-target with a 3" pattern of lead. The #4 on the other hand at 15-20' distance would be hard to miss even a moving target. I will have to think about that. The OO B seemed like "overkill" to me.

The gun kicked "like a mule" and I only fired 5 shots. (I was on a pistol range). The stock is solid synthetic, is somewhat undersized and rather narrow in thickness. I think the small footprint of the stock contributes to the harsh kick even though it has a factory rubber pad. Gun seems to work o.k. and I gave it a good cleaning after the brief range session. I wouldn't want to fire a box of shells through it.

I fired 100 rounds of 38 sp in a couple of revolvers which was a lot more fun than the shotgun.
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