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Silencer ownership in Minnesota.

I attended a meeting with Senator Pam Wolf on August 19th. We convinced her that the law banning silencer possession should be amended.
Silencer possession in MN is a felony; 5 years/$5000. The DNR is no longer allowed to possess silencers for wildlife control and the police are restricted to using them for emergency tactical response only. This does not appear to allow the police to use them for training. Licensed dealers are not exempt from the ban so this forces the police to obtain their silencers from out of state sources.

Senator Wolf is willing to sponsor a bill, but not until she has more support from her fellow Senators and from gun owners in general. So far support for a silencer bill from MN gun owners has been poor at best. Most MN gun owners I see on the internet in gun forums do not care or only care to complain and are not willing to actually make an appointment to speak to their legislators about a bill. Some MN gun owners have been outright hostile to the suggestion that Minnesotans should be allowed to own and use silencers.

Are there any MN gun owners here that want to own silencers? This is also being discussed on the forum in the hometown section and on MN Gun Talk. I am a former MN resident and plan on retiring there in 2023. I vacation in MN twice a year. I also helped amend the silencer use ban in WA.

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