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Shooting flying birds or clays ...and deer are 2 very different issues on vision and technique, etc....

At only 60yrs old, I have terrible vision 20 / 250 with a stygomytism ....and now a muscle in my dominiant eye that blurrs things out ...but companies like DeCot HyWyd can accomodate prescription lenses / and adapt some things to help you out.

DeCot will make a prescription shooting lens / to fit the right focul length ( you watch the bird never the sights on your shotgun - on moving targets ) with the prescription in the right place as you shoulder and look down the rib on your shotgun.

They can also make indoor shooting lenses ( lenses swap in and out of frames ) ...where one lense is made so you can see a front sight on a handgun and still have some vision on the target as well... and they have lots of colors - to accentuate the light in a low light or whateve situation you find shooting clays or in hunting birds...

My lenses also have a bifocul lens built into a lower portion of lens I can read and see settings on my guns as I look down ....

As your vision changes / keep the frames - just buy new lenses / or add colors as you need them.
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