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Report said they "burst in"...

Dont' know if that means the door was opened to a knock, they kicked it in, or went around back to a glass door. Obviously moving to a nice town isn't the answer; both of the CT invasions happened in price-exclusive neighborhoods. Very much like mine.

You have offered a lot of good ideas. But nobody has mentioned the peep sight, which i installed some years back. Allows you to see, or demand to see, someone at the door without opening it. Except when the wife hangs a wreath right over it during the holidays.

Good lighting; just saw lighting kits from Sprtsmans guide that aren't just motion sensing, they are motion tracking so the lights move with the object that tripped the sensor. Looked pretty interesting.

Bushes next to the house aren't all bad; superior thorny brambles under windows can substantially deter someone forcing their way through if they are getting all cut up and snagged in the process.

Dogs - the benefits are endless, plus most are naturally vigilant and protective. And loud. And decidedly not easy to silence, considering the BG has to come inside first in order to deal with the dog, then dispatch a moving snarling target with teeth in the dark. Of course, i would be awakened to the initial barking and will be at the top of the stairs with Mr. Mossberg and a blinding tac light.

I really like the retractable blinds for the back door; maybe a danger if your house is prone to catching fire, but otherwise like a cosmetically enhanced version of the commercial roll-down gates on every storefront in NYC.

Alarms are okay, but i think the sign by the door does most of the work. If the alarm trips and the cops get called, they are still not going to be there except to mop up the mess. Unless the alarm is trained to say "shots fired, officer down". Which would open up a whole different can of worms, but would probably get the LE there a whole lot faster.

The worst thing about these is their apparent randomness. I guess you should never buy the biggest house in the neighborhood and should drive older cars. Or at least park the Mercedes in the garage, out of sight...
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