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"City officials say the herd probably would have dispersed if well-meaning people had heeded requests to stop feeding the deer."

I wonder how long it will take the "Save The (fill in the blanks)" crowd to appear. I'll bet that none of them will want one in their back yard though.

MARQUETTE, MICHIGAN -- City officials are bringing in sharpshooters to kill up to 85 white-tailed deer in Presque Isle Park, saying the herd is out of control.

Vegetation in the park on the outskirts of town can support only 15 deer, according to a management plan developed by officials in Marquette. A census last week by Northern Michigan University students set the population at 100.


I just finished posting when I ran across this in the Upper Peninsular's The Mining Journal:
"No reprieve for park deer", complete with a picture of sad-eyed old ladies holding signs saying "Don't shoot the park deer - relocate them!". The NIMBY syndrome at work.

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