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Actually a 12 bore shotgun would probably do just fine to ward off home invaders. About two weeks ago 4 armed males broke into a wheel chair bound
older ladies home. She had bought a single shot 12 gage to get rid of some animals that were tearing up her garden. SHe was in her bedroom and as I said 4 armed males broke into her home. She had a light load in it for the small garden pests.
When two of them broke through the door of her bedroom she let loose with a blast. One of the bad guys took most of it to the face and the second lost a finger or two. The others broke and ran. The guy that took the hit to the face survived the birdshot type load. But I doubt if their is much left of his face. The guy that lost his finger(s) didn't get them back. The other two were caught shortly their after. In most instances when these situations have happened and the home invaders have taken hits they get gone fast. No guarantees. But they are counting on the element of surprise. When one or two of them are dropped the element of surprise then falls on them.
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