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Jim, I really respect your opinions on things, but on this I must disagree with you. Were 'bringbacks' such as a carbine like this common? No. Where they encouraged? No

Did they happen? Yes. To say that they didn't because too many things have fantasy stories attached to them is missing the point in my opinion

Here's an illustration of what I mean, and on this same type of firearm. bringbacks are very very rare but they do, respectfully, exist

And, if it needs to be said, I'm so jealous of the guys that are lucky enough to have an original M1A1 that it almost hurts. Here in MA, this type of carbine is especially evil. I was lucky to get my very 'undocumented' one with a repro stock. That used up about all my luck for the rest of my days, when you consider that I ended up knowing the man who had it on consignment at the gun store, it's a really nice carbine, and it was only 700 dollars in 2010

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