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32/327 Contender barrel

I'm a "new-bee" to this site..... was just looking for 327 FedMag load data and was directed to this thread. Not sure if any of you would be interested with what I'm doing but figured I'd "share".
I am testing a 10" barrel on my T/C Contender. This barrel was re-chambered from 32 S&W Long to 327 FedMag. To date I have fired some factory 32 S&W long through it and have done some testing with the 32 H&R brass. It should be noted the the T/C barrels for 32 caliber cartridges have a .308" bore so my loading has been with .308" and .309" bullets. I have been using primarily Hodgdon published data, specifically Lil'gun, and some IMR4227.
I just recieved the 327 brass that I had on back-order and will now start testing the 327 cartridge in this barrel. My interest is primarily on accuracy at ranges around 50 yards using a low powered scope. I will post some of my results to date with the 32 H&R and later as I work with the 327 cartridge. Hope some of you may find this of some interest.
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