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It's a 6-shot. I see that some folks post the whole serial number and some don't. Would the rest of the number help determine a birth date?
With a SN of 520XXX and no prefix (such as D,C or K) it is a .38 Military & Police from around the late 1920's.

the serial # is S 8680xx
.38 Military & Police postwar.
Serial numbers ran from S811120 in 1945 to S999999 in 1948.

I just bought a S&W airweight 38 SPLctg under the cylinder it says mod12-3. I thought it was a model 10 but not sure. the serial number is 5D577xx
The model 12 is the aluminum frame version of the all steel model 10, hence, the name airweight.
Serial number dates it to 1979.

Model 10-10
Serial CAR91XX

Model 10-5
Serial D3767XX
Serial CAR91XX = 1996.
Serial D3767XX = 1971.

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