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If the comments in regard to asking you to 'prove yourself' are in reference to me, you are misunderstanding

If I felt you were misrepresenting something, I would plainly state that. If I felt like challenging you, I'd do it. I'm doing neither.

I asked a question on how you can be so sure that the rifle is what you think it is, because you yourself posted that you have a novice understanding of this type of thing. That's a legitimate question; there's no reason to be defensive about it. If you want to understand the history of that particular weapon, then what I am saying is 100% applicable to finding out. It is not off topic at all.

If you feel that I am here giving you a hard time, you are again mistaken. I am taking my precious time to help you understand what you have there, which seems to be a nice WWII M1A1. My job is stressful, I'll probably be losing it soon, I have work calling me on my days off, I have three bosses assigning me work and they don't talk to each other much. My weekends are pretty important and I don't waste them taking potshots at people online

Don't be so defensive, OK?
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