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I reference to a previous post, I FEEL positive that it is a real bring back with nothing touched. I am no expert in historic rifles or any firearm other than what I fire for the line of duty or carry concealed. Thanks for bringing us off topic though.

I WILL have pictures up but since it's still currently in my Dad's possession, I'll have to drive over to his house, get it out of the safe and take pics. I have work all week and I work graveyard shift so scheduling this might be tricky. The only picture I have is one taken with my cell phone with the parts strewn about my kitchen table before re-assembly.

The SN in front of the rear flip sight is 115182. There is a P with a circle around it stamped on the rear of the handgrip area in the wood. Other than this, the 3 or 4 WWII weapons buffs that have seen it were amazed when I took it to the local gunshop (been in business since '77) and the manager came flying down the stairs just to see it. The elderly range official at the American Police Hall of Fame where I shoot took a long look at it and said, "it ain't no knock off!". Not to mention my Dad is the only person in the U.S. that holds a semi-annual troop carrier squadron reunion for all the surviving veterans including the paratroopers and the pilots. He's had tons of first hand accounts and uses the gun as a display during his events.

I'm not looking to prove myself, I'm looking to understand the history of this weapon. If you are not here for that reason only, please unsubscribe and find another thread to troll.
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