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Strange 870 feed issue, need advice.

Took my 1981 870 Police Wingmaster out this week twice and have put about 225 shells through it, all low base federal target loads. The gun seems to be in great shape, although it's having a strange feed issue. My technique I feel is sound, I rack hard and clear to the back and forward, no shortstroking...what happens is a shell will fire and eject fine. When the next shell drops onto the lifter, its almost as if either the bolt or the lifter are making the shell bang into the bottom of the barrel itself rather than going straight into the chamber. It's easily cleared, I rack backward after it hangs up and forward again and it will fire.

Any idea whats going on here? Shells stops, extractor, ejector seem just fine.
Basically picture the shell feeding in to the chamber low and impacting rather than going directly into the chamber like normal..have never had this issue before on any of my scatterguns. Usually its double feeds cause of bent shell stops or bad extraction or shortstroke...
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