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BikerBill and Capt. Charlie.
You guys honor your profession.

I have a series of personal stories where I was targeted by LEO's as the instigator or BG and in actuality I was a bystander or innocently involved. But that didn't suppress the LEO from pistol whipping me or arresting me and putting me in jail at the worst possible time in my families safety. So I have a sore Urination about being trashed and booked for nada. Incidentally I have a clean record, every single charge was dropped, including the hind end pummeling of the Alaska State Trooper, which I delivered. He won't do that again.

But in all honesty I am impressed with the dedication and selflessness reflected by a very few LEO's (Present company included) This is why I asked the question. In my reflection of the event I felt the twinge again of wanting to help the injured by getting involved. However I don't believe in a second that I would choose that direction.

Lastly, I intend to take a tactical CHL course locally, with my bride and adapt my riding style to better effect my control of dangerous situations and also help her comfort level with handguns.

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