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I just took it out today and fired 100 rounds through with just one failure to feed because of a bad mag. I've got 3 more that worked perfectly with the FTF rounds from the bad mag. It came directly from my grandfather that was a pilot for the paratroopers in the troop carrier squadron. Perhaps I used improper lingo or improperly described the part that is broken... the part that is broken is the removable sling mount. This holds the upper wooden grip to the rear where it slips under the rear band. I'm not sure if this design is shared with it's non folding stock counterparts though so maybe I can find a picture and highlight which piece I'm referencing.

Overall, it's still in firing condition but you have to use your fingers to hold the upper grip down when firing (which almost comes naturally anyhow). It's wicked accurate too! Give me a few mins and I'll have a picture up.

Thanks for the replies so far!
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