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James K
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I have never seen one and only know what I read in Flayderman, which is likely the source of the "under 1000" figure. From the same source, they were made c. late 1870's to 1880's in .44 Russian, 6 1/2" barrel only. Finish was usually nickel, blue will bring premium.

It also says, "The New Model is quite similar to its predecessor except for the barrel length, the adoption of a safety notch in the hammer, the use of a side-mounted ejector on barrel and frame, and the presence of an exposed type cylinder pin. This has been traditionally classified as a "Secondary Martial" although there is no substantiating evidence to indicate such [military] usage.

Value Good: $1275 Fine $ 3250."

I don't suppose that helps much, but it is all I have. Unfortunately, yours seems to have no finish left, which would probably put its value below even the "good" category.

An interesting gun.

Jim K
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