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I guess I'm different..........I guess its the cop in me.

I come across simular situations, those odds and someone getting hurt I would have to step in.
The OP wasn't active duty LE, so his response of getting-the-heck-outta-Dodge was the only smart one.

For those of us in LE however, sometimes that option just doesn't present itself. Normally, when a large fight call comes in, we have the luxury of radios to coordinate a simultaneous arrival.

An old schooler once told me "Lot's of sirens and drive slow. By the time you get there, either they've split or they're too tired to fight any more".

Sometimes though, you round the corner on "routine" patrol and unexpectedly find yourself in the thick of it. You can't simply back off and wait for backup.

Maybe I will get my A$$ kicked. Its been kicked before.
Yep, and sometimes when you least expect it. I stumbled on such a fight one night. There was a large crowd in the street, but the actual fighters were only two women. "How hard can this be?" I thought . Radioed it in and waded in to seperate them. Just as I did, one of them threw a roundhouse punch. I didn't see the keys protruding from her fist. I still have the scar below my eye, and the docs said half an inch higher, I would've lost the eye.

Those of us in LE are obligated to act, but others really need to assess the situation before trying to render aid. You can't help someone if you're lying in the street beside them.
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