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I cannot see any reason in real life to shoot while actually operating the motorcycle.
A bit off topic but I believe there is. My wife and Granddaughter are into mounted (cowboy) action shooting. Shooting baloons from horse back. I figure why not so I do it on my motorcyle. I do this drawing my 642 from my left pants pocket (where I normally carry it) and shoot baloons with bird shot.

Granted its of no practiical use but its a lot of fun, you'd be supprised how much fun it is.

Not a whole lot different then shooting from vehicles. At my age I really doubt I'll have a need to shoot from a HumVee, but a couple years ago Zak Smith put on a multi gun match where we rifles from a military humVee. It was a heck of a lot of fun.

Why not pistols from motorcylces (for recreation purposes)
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