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The other is the tacticool crowd. They see potential danger everywhere and need a high capacity combat shotgun at the ready to defend life and limb.
I don't know if it is fair to label all the tacticool bunch paranoids. Sure there is some fantasy in owning combat guns, but I don't know that is different than how we enjoy other aspects of our lives; many of which turn on a kind of fantasy whether it is nintendo, the movies or television, foollowing sports and I suppose a myriad other accepted past times. I suspect that even the proud owner of a high end O/U derives much of their pleasure from associating themselves with the great shooters. The same is true of the guy with a collection of high end pistols who may even enjoy things such as quick draw or CAS or those shooting black powder muzzle loaders.

On the other hand, from what I have experienced the black gun crowd has a disproportionate share of paranoid individuals, but I think it unfair to tar them all with the same brush. Now I have to get back to the world of reality and win the Battler of Briton flying a Sptfire ala Flight Simulator.
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