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Would you say that the number of violent crimes in the UK are high?

If your honest answer to that question is yes, I have to ask you what difference does it make if the violent crime is being committed with a gun, bomb, knife, machete or baseball bat.

People in your country are no different than people in this country in the respect that criminals are going to be criminals in whatever part of the world they live in. There are criminals all over the world.

Knowing that and given the fact that you are in LE in a country that has forcefully disarmed its citizens, I have to ask you if you've ever been to a very violent crime scene in your country in which you've looked at the grotesque aftermath and the thought ran through your mind, "I wonder if that poor victim/victims would be alive today if they would have been armed and had a chance to defend themselves?"

FORGIVE ME IF I'M WRONG, but it sounds as though you are a proponent of the anti-gun laws in the UK and feel that the citizens of the UK have no right to bear arms.

Please don't take this offensively, but you spoke of personal morality and not believing in certain things a few posts back. It behooves me that someone not believing in killing, would have beliefs that an innocent citizen should not be allowed to have the means to keep themselves and their families from being killed.

Can you explain that mindset, cause thoughs kind of thoughts, simply put, just don't compute.

Again, I know/believe and commend you when you talk about your moral values and know you don't believe in please don't take my post offensively. I just seriously don't understand your line of thought!
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