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At last some common sense in Ireland

Forget Ireland's gun and knife ban laws. Ireland has come around with a bit of common sense. My son lives in Dublin and informed me that, until recently, a citizen must retreat if faced by a threat in their home. Force cannot be used to protect yourself, family, and home. If an intruder is injured the person protecting their property and life will be liable. Now legislation has passed stating that force may be used against an intruder if there is no retreat pathway. In a home this does not apply to a ground floor where you must retreat, but to the second story or basement.

Friends in the UK, one a retired London police officer, have told me that bans of handguns and knives have lead to more physical violence because bad people don't abide by legalities.

What is the answer or response to any form of violence? There is none. Within human history we have advanced in science and technology yet we continue to remain static in maintaining tribal differences and the distribution of human characteristics ranging from the good of Mahatma Gandhi to the evil of Stalin. Most of us fit somewhere between Gandhi and Stalin.
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