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So in the UK a 110 woman doesn't need a gun to protect herself from a brutal 230 pound rapist / killer?
In my opinion a taser/stun-gun would be a better choice. easier to use and not risky of killing others in the process.
Proven time and again... Nothing STOPS a threat like some warm plumbum to the squishy torso or gray matter...
My momma illegally toted a revolver in her purse in Michigan in the late 70's... When asked by hey gal buddy who seen it when mom was payin for groceries... "Why do you have a gun in yer purse?"... Momma said "Nobody ever raped a .38...

Proven numerous times... A single shot tazer or a "snub nose" stun gun fail with alarming predictability!

Now back to the thread... I will likely post some more... real soon...

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