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British Bobby: I am an ex-pat Canadian, now a US Citizen (since 1970) and I do know the differences between Canadian Law and US Law, especially Washington State Law.

My summer starts with an old saying: "Don't bring a knife to a gun fight".

It does not matter if guns are allowed, or restricted, the strong, the greedy and the person that has no general reguard for his fellow man, or their property, will always to attempt to take what he wants from his weaker neighbor. Has happened since Cain in the bible.

It matters not what the weapon is, it could even be a lawyer, but the strong, greedy, unethical individual will always try to take, by force if necessary, what is not his, from those who cannot protect themselves.

Now, consider the looting, assaults, rapes, murders etc in London of late. What was the major problem? The citizenery did not have a way of equalizing the disparity of force. The have been stripped helpless...and then that poor guy that got life in prison for killing a burgler??? Shame on GB! You just created your own problem.

Here in Washington State it is perfectly legal own and carry a firearm (pistol or long gun), no registration, no license required. It is also perfectly legal to shoot (and kill) a burgler. Most people will just hold a burgler for police and not shoot them, but if the burgler makes a bad move,,,he is history, no charge, no questions asked....

Would you like to compare burglery/armed robberies per 100,000 population in WA verse how many burgley/armed robbery per 100,000 in England? Guess who has fewer burglery/armed robberies? WA by a bunch...why? The cost to the burgler is higher, that is, it could cost him his life...that does not happen in England.

Think about the guy in Norway? He gave up instantly to the police when they arrived. Why? he knew he would receive no more than 20 years in prison...why fight it...he wrote his political point in blood, and KNEW he could survive...absolutely NO risk of having his life ended prematurly.
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