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I do believe that I would like one! Why, just for the fun of it!! I have a couple of nice shotguns, and several lowly working class pump guns. I enjoy them all for what they are. They all have different purposes. I really can't see taking my browning or my grandfathers Parker out in the duck marsh or the deer woods. I also can't see the reason to spend all of my time at the range shooting little clay discs, but I do enjoy it as part of my fun. Just like I could see taking a Saiga 12 to the range, small game, deer in tight cover, etc. and having a blast. Does that answer your question?

This is a silly question, why would one want to spend many 10's of thousands of dollars on a Holland and Holland? Why would one want a single action colt revolver? Why would one want a 100 yr old design like the 1911? Why would someone want an AR-15 style rifle? Etc, etc, etc.

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