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sorry buddy but I believe you're sadly mistaken, gun control does'nt work anywhere. crime rates, particularly violent crime rates, are through the roof absolutely every single place on the face of the earth that tries to ban or strongly restrict the sale, use, ownership, or carrying rights of firearms. look at crime stats and gun laws on locations throughout the U.S.A. and the world for that matter, they have a very relative responce to each other, I am a firm believer that if people get over this idiotic gun hating in the world there will be far less crime, and the little crime that does still happen will tend to end a lot worse for the criminal and a lot better for the innocent. the way it should be, an eye for an eye is'nt even fair enough! I think if I did nothing to you and you started it that you ought to pay more, maybe both your eyes for my one and all your teeth for one you took. am I right? (I certainly am not left so that kinda narrows it down a bit eh?)
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