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Not silly - just disappointing, and in a way, really sad.
Oneounce, I do owe you an apology; I thought you were being derogatory, when you were simply pointing out the lack of exposure of many people to the finer shotguns and the moving target practice we know as clay games. I reread your comment, and I get your point now, I apologize for misunderstanding you.

I think, though, that this disconnect between the "black gun" folk and the "gun as work of art" folk is ignorance on both sides, not just on the tactical side. For those who are into Saigas, AKs, ARs, and high capacity tupperware blasters, they grew up in a different world, where violent crime was much more noticeable. Thus, their interests aren't just having fun, but mere self preservation, and there's a beauty in the tools that allow us to protect house, home, and loved ones just as there's beauty in a finely tuned gun with exquisite wood and the nicest little trigger you ever did feel.
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