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I am very pleased with the amount of responses this thread has gotten.

It really is great to be able to see such greatly articulated arguments when you want to hear peoples' opinions on a controversial (to some) issue.

Without meaning to disregard or in any way ignore some of the great posts so far, I'd just like to respond by saying that I Greek citizens used to have guns (before there were any laws prohibiting them) so I very much doubt that our involvement in the World Wars, Balkan Wars and Civil War were otherwise avoidable. Politics on a much grander scale took place, we were just swept up and caught in the cross-fires really.

It is an interesting point however that maybe had we carried guns in 1967 when the military took over, they might not have had such an easy time taking over or the length of their regime (7 years). But I'm still skeptical about how an army of untrained can effectively counter and subdue a trained and well armed army. But I will concede that it has been done many times before, and you guys know that all too well.

Concerning the situation were a woman (or anyone else for that matter) were to face multiple intruders, I still believe that a gun might only be of little use. If it's legal for her to carry, then it's probably legal for them as well. But still, I'd fancy my chances against 5 armed robbers a little better if i were also armed. So point taken my friend.

I'm beginning to see the main point US citizens have a strong argument for: better have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Also, to clear up my own omission about the few guns that are in circulation in the UK, the organised crime I spoke of before is usually quite "sophisticated", ie they won't be your average burglar or street mugger, but usually bank robbers or high-end drug dealers, and any police response unit going up against them will be armed to the teeth I can assure you.

As far Athens at night, I was actually referring to Omonia my friend, not Syntagma Square, I did not think however that someone here would know the city well enough to require the classification. I stand proudly corrected that someone knows as much about my home-town as you.

Anyway, I hope I haven't missed out too many of these very good responses, if I have, please feel free to assume that I have conceded the point in your favour.
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