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I was in a similar situation in the outskirts of Mobile, Alabama.

Short version:
I got lost in a suburb, the day after a Tropical Storm pounded the area. I ended up in a bad area, after dark, and was the only white guy in town. Everyone on the streets was carrying weapons. I don't know what was going on, but I wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. I slowed to an idle in 1st gear (didn't want to stop), to look at a map, and heard some shouting.

When I looked up, 2 groups of armed men were kicking the crap out of a few other unfortunate souls. When they saw me, both groups rushed toward my car. I had my .44 Mag loaded, sitting in my lap. ...But that wasn't the answer. My 6 shots in a single-action revolver were no competition for the firearms I could already see in some of their hands; let alone, the ones that may have been concealed.

The answer was the gas pedal. I barely squeezed through the groups, and blasted my out of that town. ...The wrong way, down a one-way street.

Sometimes, retreat (or escape) is the best solution. Once you're away, you can try to help anyone that may still be stuck in the mob.
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