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Some of you guys answered the question I asked. In fact some of you helped me see how and what I have been considering for awhile as correctly contemplated. Changing my carry habit and learning what this new land (very new to city life and to Tacoma) has to offer or threaten.
Chris_B was exactly the kind of response I was hoping to see.

Vito, called the race hate card, which I expected more would actually. If I had described them as white guys, Vito would not have said anything. I mentioned it because it is relevant.

I saw the situation very close and traveling onto it quickly. I was faced with an accident as I was attempting to understand the scene. It was a sensory overload condition as riding the bike became number one.
I never considered pulling my gun, but in my case I also never thought about calling 911 either. Never even considered it. I was just glad to have made it through without being clothes-lined or impacting the thug or riding over one of the guys.
Lastly and quite honestly, I am not going to confront hoodlums, but was interested in others opinions. Calling the police, that would be a case by case thing for me. Whether or not calling 911 is the right thing to do, it is MY choice. That said, on my motorcycle, in the cool and foggy mornings, on an unfamiliar road, and after listening to locals who suggest I don't stop in many locations, I will not stop until I know better. I don't know if the area is OK or not but given time I will begin to feel comfortable with certain parts of the area.
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