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Don't the bad guys steal the firearms from citizens when they rob their home?

Oh yeah... I forgot that your government FORCED the serfs to turn in most of the firearms that could be used to curb violent crime...

I realize not everyone has the intestinal fortitude to use fist, knives and clubs to get real up close and personal with the person you are content with brutally killing in self defense...

Is that fair, do you think? BB doesn't make the laws in the UK any more than you make the laws here

Personally, I cannot conceive of a society that only has 'organized' crime wielding firearms. All somebody in the organization has to do is get a cel phone and set up sale of illegal guns to more casual criminals. And supposing, for a minute, that the casual criminal somehow never gets a gun, does that really matter?

Shod foot, cricket bat, sharp stick, or cobblestone, the intent to do harm by a criminal is the deciding factor, not the question of which type weapon he chooses. And after seeing what I've seen of the rioters, I cannot believe that the penchant for that type of violent activity in the UK has been proven to have an upper limit yet. Criminals break laws. If we can accept that concept, then how does one go about thinking that there's a set limit to a criminal's stomach for breaking laws?
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