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I do lumber a bit, but I deny emphatically any tendencies to louthood...

That Saiga I had on a lengthy T&E was a lousy trap gun and ugly to boot. But, it was great for plinking at a coffee can with slugs, making it jump at 40 yards.

If I had needed to reduce the threat level in my vicinity fast, that Saiga would have done well, possibly better than my well worn Wingmasters.

I shoot trap,but I'm no trapshooter. I've shot 3 gun and done well, but I am no 3 gunner. I've fired hundreds,perhaps thousands of shells at game animals and birds and AM a hunter.

I'm not a cardshooter, Vintager, nor CAS gunslinger. Not a skeeter, nor a collector of fine art that shoots. I COULD enjoy any and all of that.

I'm a shotgunner.

My modest battery is evenly divided between fine wingshooting guns and well known tools for defending my family and self.

Using a Saiga for trap makes as much sense as trying to take a grey squirrel from the top of a hickory with my much loved 1911. Use the best tool for the job.

Mabe some of our 3 gunners and Prac/Tacs oughta shoot some clays, and take time to admire the fine lines of a game gun or a pure D clays crusher.

And some of our traditional types oughta learn how they can do on a Dozier Drill with their skeet guns.

As friend Tamara says, "we need to forget about our Silly Little Tribes"....
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