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Josh - that's the first I've ever heard of the Mosin still being in production. Where are they still being made?

Gunplummer - Finland did not manufacture receivers. All of their Mosins were built on Russian/Soviet receivers. They inherited a large quantity of Mosins from Russia; they also inherited many Mausers and even some former Austro-Hungarian Mannlichers at the end of WWI, and did a lot of horse-trading with other newly-independent European countries during the 1920s and 30s. Most of these new countries had a mix of these weapons; some standardized on Mausers, some standardized on Mannlichers, and some had a little of everything, but only Finland standardized on the Mosin.

An example of some of the travels these Mosins saw, from my collection: I have a Finnish 91/30 with a 1944 Tikkakoski barrel and a 1914 Izhevsk receiver marked AZF, which is an Austrian arsenal mark. The original rifle, either an M91 infantry rifle or an M91 Dragoon, was captured by the Austrians and overhauled during the war. There's no telling where it was when the Hapsburg Empire collapsed, but somehow the rifle - or maybe just the receiver - ended up in Finland, where eventually the receiver was used to build my shiny like-new 91/30.
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