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Gee whiz guys, I like hot dogs off of the street vendors in Merida, but I can wig out on Prime Rib at Morton's too. Point is they aren't mutually exclusive. I can totally appreciate a beautiful high end shotgun even though my Cynergy is about as close as I intend to come to owning one (too many other places for my dollars to go). But if I had an opportunity to throw down with a Saiga I sure would. Hearken back to Dave McC's stint with a loaned Saiga 12. He ended up kinda liking it as I recall.

Now surely you guys aren't going to say Dave is a lumbering lout that can't appreciate a fine shotgun. Nor am I. Lumbering lout, maybe, but I can appreciate a fine shotgun. I can appreciate the Saiga too, just like I appreciate my AK-47 that I built with my own little hands from a kit.

Fun things don't have to all be prime rib, some of the baloney is pretty good too.
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