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I don't want one ...but I can see why some guys are attracted to them...

There was a guy in my local indoor range last nite - shooting a drum fed 12ga semi-auto ...and I didn't go over and talk to him / but he seemed to be having fun ...

My tactical weapons are my handguns ...and I was exercising some of my Sig Sauers in .40S&W last nite ...and doing the same thing ...having some fun, with 10 boxes of ammo ....and working on my draw from a holster, double taps, triple taps and reloads ... ( and I had one gun with me / a Sig X-Five that's 55 oz with a full mag in it ....drawing it from a holster ...and its almost pulling my pants down every 15 min its so heavy sure isn't a carry gun / its a race gun ...but it sure is fun ....

I suspect the same thing with some of these tactical shotguns ...although there are a lot of them just sitting in safes vs being shot every month too .

Everybody should buy what they want - and what they can afford .../ just because I have no use for tactical shotguns doesn't make them bad options..they are what they are. I buy shotguns - and handguns - and rifles for the purpose that suits me - gives me the most pleasure / not for what anyone else thinks.

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