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They couldn't understand bulino, circassian, Boss lockwork, swamped rib, or any of the other terms associated with higher-end guns - which is really too bad, because they're missing out on some of the most fun with a shotgun, especially a well-made, well-balanced, hand-crafted one that doesn't jam, rattle or need TEOTWAWKI accessories to look good.....

Yeah, it's really a crying shame that 18USC 922z prohibits the ownership of both tactical and clay game shotguns. Once you buy one, you're forever banned from investigating the other scatterguns on the market.

Several of you are just being silly.

The Saiga 12 is a fun gun. It's no replacement for an good quality over/under, and vice versa. My Citori XS is by far the superior tool for obliterating those tiny orange UFOs at the skeet club. My Saiga 12 is fun in its own way as well... even though I'm on record as saying the 870 tactical is probably a better defensive gun, the S12 still has its own place.

I'm not sure why people in handgun, rifle, and shotgun arenas are under the impression that the tactical stuff precludes the finer higher quality target firearms and interest in target shooting means you have zero interest in self defense guns. I guess it's an inferiority complex that makes them want to feel superior to the others. Quite sad, really.

Some guns are superior for self defense. Some guns are superior for games, hunting, and other purposes. Just use whatever suits the purpose and resist the desire to look down your nose at them, because that just makes you look bad. If you like to hunt and shoot skeet and see no problem with marginalizing the tactical guns, then don't be surprised when those youngsters you saw as immature don't feel any desire to protect your dove hunting rights. Less division, more pulling together.
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