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Here's what I found and what I think.

Originally Posted by harleyx2
.38 special in a Uberti Revolver with 3.2 grains of titegroup with a 125 grain round nose flat point lead bullet. I have a Lyman manual. I was asking about the power disk just to get a good starting point and also to help me figure that crazy chart out. Thanks
Thanks for the load information. That helps.

Always get load data from two independent sources (is one of my mottos).

This data is from Hodgdon's web site
125 GR. CAST LRNFP (Lead Round Nose Flat Point)
Hodgdon Titegroup
Diameter .358"
Cartridge overall length 1.445"
Starting load 3.2 gr 856 fps pressure 8,400 CUP
Maximum load 3.8 gr 985 fps pressure 12,000 CUP

This agrees within reasonable expectations to your Lyman manual

About the amount of powder the Lee Auto-Disk will give you: Lee's web site has this in its Frequently Asked Questions.

Powder cavity tolerances

The powder manufacturers allow themselves a 16% tolerance in the density of their powder, from lot to lot. We have to calibrate our chart to show the high side of that tolerance, so you should never get more than what the chart indicates, but you will sometimes get less. Believe the scale. If your measure consistently throws less than what the chart indicates, try going up to the next larger cavity. If the powder measure throws more than what the chart indicates, please let us know!

So, expect your dippers and disk cavities to throw light. Experience has shown this to be true.

My guide shows the Lee Autodisk cavity to use for Titegroup at .30 giving 3.5 grains and the .32 giving 3.8 grains in weight. So, the advice to have a scale on hand is doubly good. If you have a scale, you can compile your own chart. I would expect the .30 cavity to drop around 3.2 and the .32 to drop around 3.5 grains. But without a scale, I am just guessing based on experience with powders OTHER THAN TITEGROUP. I use a lot of flake powders. Titegroup is spherical. Packing ratio should be more uniform with spherical granules.

My advice, 1) use either cavity. 2) get a scale.

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