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The Tkiv 85 was a sniper rifle only used by Finland. The vast majority of Mosin sniper rifles were on the PU pattern.

However, the Mauser is not without it's sniper brethren. The C3, Parker Hale M85, and Israeli Mauser are also still in use as sniper rifles. The Norse still use a Mauser based (Santa Barbara action if I remember correctly) sniper rifle.

And heavy barreled M98 "sniper" rifles are still being manufactured for public consumption by Zastava. I don't know of any current manufacture of Mosin pattern rifles.

That being said, the Canadians have been retiring the C3, the Brits moved on to the Accuracy Internation platform, the Finns moved on to the Sako TRG, and the Israelis relegated the Mauser to a reserve Police unit.

So when it comes to which is better, the Mauser is still being manufactured, and the Mosin is not. The market has spoken.

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