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Ever hear of the Tkiv 85? It's a modern sniper's rifle, but uses old receivers. Very precise.

It's a Mosin-Nagant.

Made to the same quality (say, pre-WWII MN91/30 vs M98), the Mosin-Nagant will usually beat the Mauser in the accuracy/precision department if one can get past the MN's trigger.

Additionally, the MN is conscripted-peasant-proof, and dang near indestructible.

Sticky bolt is caused by cosmoline. Clean it out.

Either will shoot more precisely than the operator, but the precision edge does usually go the Mosin-Nagant (properly manufactured).

Reliability may go to the Mauser due to its large extractor claw and controlled-feed design. This is theoretical, however. The Mosin-Nagant is put together in such a way that the push-feed does not cause malfunctions.

Massage the trigger, wrap the barrel in oiled felt, change out the sights to something better, and proceed to outshoot modern sporter rifles.

Is Your Mosin Shooting High?

Sights for the Mosin-Nagant
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