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I bought an interesting Mosin today

The Mosin I bought today is a Czech model 91/38. It is an Imperial 91 cut down to M38 specifications post-WW2 by the Czechs. This work was authorized by the Soviets so that they could arm their ever expanding military and solidify control over Eastern Europe. The barrel and receiver date on this particular Mosin is 1899 Izhevsk. The Czech rework marks are visible on the barrel and the receiver. These Czech markings are the small stars and the circle with a T in it on the receiver below the imperial crest. The bore on this rifle is in great shape for it being 112 years old.

The only major problem is Bubba got his hands on the stock and sanded it down but it is no big deal because the major metal components of the rifle are in great shape.

This rifle is a very cool and rare addition to my Milsurp collection.

Some Pics:

If anyone has any more info on this Mosin variant I would love to hear it
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