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K98, there is a reason the Mauser's action made all others at the time obsolete and is the most copied action in the world. It's action has an extra locking lug, the long claw extractor which also helps with controlled feeding, oiling/failed cartridge gas ports which divert the gas into the magazine vs. along the bolt's length into the shooter's face, and the three position safety. I would also add the bent bolt handle but that's more of a personal liking.

I'm not saying the M91 is a bad rifle, I've owned one and it was fun to take out to the range but I hated the sights.

People keep saying the M/N is easier to disassemble than the Mauser. How do you figure? 99% of bolt actions disassemble the same, pull the bolt catch and remove the bolt from the rear. The bolt is harder to take apart but you don't need to in order to oil it, via the two 'failed cartridge' gas reliefs in the bolt's body.

To me it's a hands down Mauser, I would have no problem carrying a Kar98 into battle in WW2.
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